Students Care

Student Care Services

The students of the department have the possibility to make use of the provided student care services, as long as the conditions stipulated by the Law and the relevant decisions of the relevant University bodies are met, as long as the duration of their studies, increased by two (2) years.

In particular, students of the Agricultural Development, Agri-Food and Natural Resources Management department are entitled to free meals at the Evripos Campus Restaurant, with a capacity of 150 people, based on the institutionally prescribed conditions. Apart from the eligible students, the Restaurant offers the possibility of feeding all the staff, academic and administrative, of the Campus for a nominal fee. The application for free feeding is made through the website:

Provided certain conditions are met, a Student Housing Allowance is also provided. For more information on feeding matters, those interested can contact the following phone numbers:

  • 210 36 88 216
  • 210 36 88 252
  • 210 36 88 230

In the Evripos Campus, during the previous academic years, there was also a Student Dorm, with a capacity of 400 students, to provide free housing, in accordance with the relevant institutional framework. At the present stage, the Dorm is being renovated and modernized and the relevant works are expected to be completed in the near future.