The Department of Agricultural Development, Agri-Food and Natural Resources Management (AAADFP) is a modern, university department founded in 2019 (Government Gazette 13, vol. A, 29-1-2019).

It is the first department of the School of Agricultural Development, Nutrition and Sustainability of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and marks the "opening" of the country's largest and most historic University to modern trends and challenges, such as the "2030 Agenda" for Sustainable Development of the O.H. .E., the European and international priorities for Climate Change, but also the National Strategy for Smart Specialization RIS3 (Research & Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation) which dictate the modernization of agricultural holdings, the exploitation of the comparative advantages of Greek agricultural products, food and services, and make imperative the need for Sustainable and Sustainable Development, with respect for the Environment and Biodiversity.