The Network Operations and Management Center (KEY) ((http://www.noc.uoa.gr/)) provides to the members of the academic Community, the Staff and the students of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, a number of electronic services, such as:


1. eClass

The NKUA e-Class platform (http://eclass.uoa.gr) is a complete Electronic Course Management System and supports the Asynchronous Distance Learning service without limitations and commitments. All courses (both theoretical and laboratory) of the department have a dedicated website in the e-classroom. It is important that students register on the e-Class website of each course they are attending, as this way they have the possibility to receive automatically in their e-mail all announcements related to the course as well as relevant educational material, through their access in the online classroom of their courses. Detailed instructions for using the electronic class (e-class) at the link: https://docs.openeclass.org/ /el:student.


2. Electronic Secretariat (my-Studies)

The Electronic Secretariat platform my-Studies (https:/ /my-studies.uoa.gr/), enables the students of the department to:

  • attend the Undergraduate Study Program they are studying
  • they are informed of their score in the courses examined
  • submit their course declarations electronically within the time period set by the Secretariat.


3. email/Webmail

The email service (webmail.uoa.gr) provided through a special platform based on free software and properly configured by KEY to ensure high levels of usability, interoperability and security


4. Electronic Platforms of Synchronous Education

The use of IT technologies in the teaching process is constantly increasing and ensures a wide range of possibilities, from the electronic posting of educational material to the asynchronous learning support platform 'eclass' available at the Foundation, up to the conduct of exams in an electronic way. In addition, during the recent health crisis, the "tools" (platforms) of synchronous education (Webex, Skype for Business) were made available and used with excellent results, as it was seen and from the particularly high participation rate of female students in the online lectures


5. Institutional Digital Repository

The institutional repository “PERGAMOS” includes a a large set of heterogeneous digital collections of cultural value, which belong to the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), as well as part of the research and educational output of the academic community of NKUA, a collection which is constantly being enriched. More specifically, Pergamos has 20 collections of varied content, which cover almost the entire thematic scope of the NKUA Faculty, while the total number of digital records reaches approximately 1,000,000 digital objects.


6. Live Streaming and Video Lecture Service

The Live Broadcasts and Video Lectures service "DELOS" is aimed at both to the content creators themselves, i.e. to the teaching and research staff of the institution, providing the possibility of posting and managing content, and to any Internet user as its recipient, providing the possibility of searching with complex criteria. This is recorded or posted content either from the educational process or from events of the institution (conferences, seminars, etc.). It is also possible to view Live Broadcasts of courses and lectures from the teaching areas, as well as events of the institution. Users have access to said educational content through the search feature or through free navigation.


7. Open Academic Courses 

The action Open Academic Courses (https://opencourses.uoa.gr/) aims to develop open digital courses, available free of charge both to the students of the University of Athens, and to the general public. This action supports and strengthens the public character and mission of the University. The term Open Course means free access to the course environment and its educational material.



8. Communication Node HUΒ.UOA

The communication hub of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) HUB is a modern information dissemination platform. It contains news of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Awards, Clinical Studies, Presentations, Announcements, Faculty Members' Oaths, It is implemented with the support of the Endowment of the Professor of the School of Medicine G. Foteinos.



9. In(telligent) Deep Analysis

"In(telligent) Deep Analysis" is a reservoir of thought and reflection on issues that touch on key social issues. It is a body of independent thought, where members of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) write. The approach to the issues is made through the perspective of members of the Teaching Scientific Staff of NKUA, specialized scientists, but also PhDs or PhD candidates. The subject matter of "In Deep Analysis" contains studies and analyses, research, as well as the exploitation or investigation of topical issues in matters related to important areas of social development and concerning the economy, politics, the environment, education, psychology, health, culture, etc. In the analyzes of "In Deep Analysis" an attempt is made to explain the interaction between specific events and social events. With specialized and in-depth article writing – through the prism of scientific investigation – it is a comparative advantage for every reader.


10. Access to the National Network HEALINK

The students of the department have the possibility to access both general bibliographic material and academic journals through the national network HEALINK as well as databases to which NKUA subscribes. At the same time, support is provided by the Library, in collaboration with the Teaching Staff of the Department, for ordering new books.