Students Medical Care

Students Medical Care

The students of the department for a period of six (6) years from their initial registration (12 semesters in total) receive full health, medical and hospital care (P. D. 327/1983 – Official Gazette 117/7.9.83/A΄). Regarding the last year of studies, medical care is extended after the end of the academic year until December 31, for those who have not received their degree by then. In case of suspension of studies, according to the provisions of par. 10 of article 29, of Law 1268/82, the treatment is extended accordingly.

Insurance Agency Selection

In the event that the student is directly or indirectly entitled to care from another insurance institution, he/she may choose the insurance institution he/she prefers each time with a responsible declaration submitted to the Department. The expense will be borne by the insurance company chosen by the student.

In the event that the chosen insurance agnecy covers the hospital and medical care or part of the student's hospitalization expenses, the Univeristy covers only the remaining expenses in accordance with article 2 of PD 327/87.

Students medical care includes:

  • Medical and hospital examination
  • Pharmaceutical care
  • Paraclinical examinations
  • Ψυχίατρο
  • Ψυχιατρική Αξιολόγηση
  • Ψυχολόγους
  • Medical examinations at home
  • Childbirth
  • Physiotherapy
  • Dental care
  • Δερματολογική εξέταση
  • Ορθοπεδικά είδη

All students (undergraduates, postgraduates, international) are entitled to health, medical and nursing care for a period equal to the years of study provided as the minimum duration of undergraduate studies plus 2 years. For this purpose, the University grants a special healthcare booklet that the student can use at the headquarters of the University and only in exceptional cases outside of it. In the event that the student is directly or indirectly entitled to care from another insurance institution and wishes to have his/her health care, he/she has the right to waive the insurance from the other institution and choose that of the student with a responsible declaration of the N 1599/86, stating that she is not insured with any other insurance company.

For Medical and Hospital Care issues, as well as for the Psychosocial Intervention Unit of NKUA, students can make a relevant consultation with the services of the University Club (https:/ /