Diploma Thesis

Diploma Thesis

The Diploma Thesis is an extensive analytical or synthetic work prepared by final year students in the last semester of their studies with the aim of completing their knowledge and presenting their abilities in the treatment of independent topics in the fields of Agricltural Development, Agri-Food, Management of Natural Resources, Sustainability and Renewable Energy.

The Diploma Thesis objective is to gain experience in multiple important activities, such as the scientific and technical mapping of problems, the research methodology, the design and implementation of scientific methods and/or tools and the writing of a scientific text resulting from a research effort, based on rules and guidelines of excellence as they have been captured by the international scientific community.

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The Diploma Thesis Regulation is an integral part of the Undergraduate Studies Regulation of the department (Chapter ΣΤ: Κανονισμός Εκπόνησης Πτυχιακής Εργασίας) and is available on the page with the department regulations (in Greek)