Undergraduate Courses

202 Introduction to Computers and Programming


Category: Mandatory
Class Hours: 4
Laboratory Hours: 0
Course Type: Core Knowledge
Prerequisite Courses:
Language of Teaching and Exams: Greek
Is the course offered to ERASMUS students:  Yes (in English)

Eclass URL Link 

Course Curriculum:

  • Historical overview, introductory concepts and definitions, general applications.
  • Turing model, von Neuman model, Numerical systems.
  • Interaction with the user.
  • Data visualization and basic data analysis commands.
  • Loops and sub-conditional statement execution.
  • Functions, Graphs, Statistical applications.
  • Computer Hardware: Central Processing Unit, Main Memory, Peripheral Units.
  • Algorithms – Programming languages
  • Computer Software: Operating Systems, Application Software.
  • Information Systems: Analysis-Design of Systems, Decision-Making Systems.
  • Communications-Computer Networks: Internet Technology, Internet Services, Internet Multimedia Applications.
  • Computer Security.

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