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Category: Mandatory
Class Hours: 5
Laboratory Hours: 0
Course Type: Scientific Area
Prerequisite Courses:
Language of Teaching and Exams: Greek
Is the course offered to ERASMUS students:  Yes (in English)

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Course Curriculum:

  • Biodiversity: Definitions, key concepts, Rio convention, indicators and measurement methods.
  • Time analysis: Biodiversity evolution and key species
  • Spatial analysis: biogeographical regions, gradations and limits of diversity, endemism.
  • Importance of biodiversity: economic and ecosystem value of biodiversity to humans (direct and indirect).
  • Biodiversity in Greece, at the level of systems and species, biodiversity of agricultural ecosystems.
  • Anthropogenic effects on the biodiversity of natural and agricultural ecosystems, species extinctions and population declines. Climate change and threats to biodiversity.
  • Biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of its components: Biodiversity management measures and basic principles (monitoring, disturbance assessment, restoration).
  • National Biodiversity Conservation Strategy Framework and other legislative provisions related to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.


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