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Theodore Zahariadis



ΑΓ 06
+30 22280 99550

Communication Days & Hours

Monday 15:00-17:00

Wednesday 12:00- 14:00

Short CV

Dr. Theodoros Zachariadis is Professor and President of the Department of Agricultural Development, Agri-Food and Natural Resource Management. He has been a professor and President of the Department of Electrical Engineering T.E. of the Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Central Greece, as well as the director of the Master's Program of Studies "Intelligent Management of Renewable Energy Sources Systems". He received his Doctoral Degree from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens with a scholarship from the State Scholarship Foundation (I.KY.) and the Diploma in Computer and Informatics Engineering from the Polytechnic School of the University of Patras.

Dr. Zachariadis has served as Technical Director of several EU-funded projects, including H2020 NRG5 and H2020 DEFENDER, and is now Technical Director of the Horion AgriDataValue project. He was also Project Manager of the H2020 COSSIM project (CPS co-simulator) and technical manager of the H2020 KATANA project. He has worked for the company Ellemedia Technologies Ltd as a Technical Director, in the Hellenic Aerospace Industry (HAI) as a chief telecommunications engineer, in Lucent Technologies/ Bell-Laboratories (USA) as an External Partner. Since 1994, he has participated in several ACTS, ESPRIT, ARTEMIS, IST/ICT and H2020 projects as Principal Investigator, Technician and Project Coordinator. His research interests are in the areas of Energy Efficiency, Smart Grids, Wireless Sensor Networks and Precision Agriculture. Dr. Zachariadis has published more than 200 papers in journals, magazines and conferences and has more than 3,500 citations (H-Index 34).

Since 2001, he has been an evaluator of many IST/ICT/ Security/ COST/ People/FET proposals and several open calls and a judge/speaker in many IST/ICT projects (e.g. eperSpace, TEAHA, AMIGO, ESTIA, ARENA, SOA4ALL, BEST ENERGY, CHOREOS, OCEAN, BETAAS, Smart Campus, Webinos, PaSaage, IntrePiD, Ascetic).